At Bicoastal Reputation Management, we
create and manage websites and following conventional digital branding practices, integrate social media pages into your very own customized WordPress websites. We can also assist with the verification of your social media accounts/pages,, as part of a full-package plan.

We also (as a specialty service) create, edit, update and publish Wikipedia entries/articles for notable people and businesses meeting the stringent criteria of the popular online encyclopedic resource.

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If WE can brand ME (a zoo keeperturned-brand manager/publicist), WE can brand YOU!

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Our Team Will
Wrangle Your 

We Will Tame Your

We Will Publicize Your
Brand (i.e. mark your territory)!

We Do It All At Our SEO-Friendly,
One-Stop Digital PR Shop!

Website Design: We use WordPress software to create your blog, website or application. “WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.” —Wikipedia

Social Media: We create engaging social media pages for people and businesses and when appropriate, help with verification. And, of course, we develop and manage your social media accounts in conjunction with your website such that all your “WEB PR” tools are integrated. Our favorites are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

IMDb: We develop and manage your IMDb page so that it is up-to-date and inclusive of all your on and off-camera credits.

Popular Publications: We publish articles in mainstream media venues featuring your work.

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Wikipedia: We research, write, upload and publish entries. Our clients include prominent individuals from an array of professions, including lawyers, physicians, allied health professionals, scientists, professors, writers, ranking military officers, ranking public law enforcement officials, corporate executives, models, athletes, and actors, etc. We also create entries for notable for-profit and non-profit businesses. We are proud to say that “We do it all from scratch and we do it fast!”

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 For media related digital branding commentary or questions, please contact or

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